In order to facilitate the payment to customers, PlayOptica provides about 14 payment methods in total divided between global methods and local methods. See list below and get to know them all!


Visa is a technology and payment company, which means that is a bank-owned, secured credit cooperatives and other providers of payment services system. Invest and innovate continuously to create new and better ways of making and receiving payments.

The MasterCard Worldwide boosts trade in the world, facilitating global transactions and contributing with their knowledge of the payments process to make faster, safer and more valuable to all parties involved trade.
With the Maestro logo on your card, you can use the money in your account securely through a global network of ATMs, shops and sites to pay for things.
It also means you will always have exactly the right amount to pay, just the right time, wherever you are - at your local grocery store, a gas station across the border - in fact, in more than 13,000 locations around the world in 100 countries.
And because it is a mechanism of debt, you can never spend more with your Maestro card you have in your bank account.
PayPal was created specifically to be one of the safest ways to send money online using your credit card. This is why it's:
- Fast
With PayPal, you can instantly send payments online using your credit card.
- Easy
Make payments safely by just clicking a button. With PayPal, you do not need to enter your financial information whenever you make a purchase.
- Insurance
Your financial information is never shared. Therefore, traders do not have access to the information from your credit card. In addition, our experienced team of fraud prevention helps fight fraud situations before they happen.
- Global
PayPal is a trusted program used worldwide. The number of accounts now exceeds 150 million and growing every day. PayPal is accepted by thousands of businesses around the world.
- Free
Pay for purchases with PayPal is free.


MULTIBANCO and MB Way (Just Portugal)
It is also a very safe and easy to use system. For that ATM references are generated at the time of purchase that can be paid in MultiBanco or Home Banking network.

Advantages :
- Ease of operation and payment.
- Payment at any ATM or Home banking terminal.
- Possibility of payment 24 hours a day.
- Mode of safe and secure payment.

Boleto Bancário is one of the payment methods most used in Brazil, which can be used by any Brazilian citizen.
It is a practical and safe way of payment, with reduced costs for businesses and consumers, and is often used as an alternative payment method to credit card.
It is payable in cash at any bank, lottery houses (houses of luck)  supermarkets, drugstores, gas stations and post offices in Brazil. It is also payable by any Brazilian ATM or even home banking through a Brazilian bank account.

Bancontact / Mister Cash is the undisputed leader in the Belgian electronic payment card market . This position carries a lot of responsibilities . That is why they are committed to make its activities transparent as possible . They find that cardholders and merchants should be able to count on your card . Therefore , they make every effort to be 100% secure .

i-DEAL (Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg)
It is an ideal payment method composed of a set of agreements and standards for immediate online transfer from bank account of a buyer for the bank account of a virtual store or organization . Has unique features below:
- The payment by the consumer through online banking;
- Confirmation real- time payment followed by an irreversible transfer to the account of retail;
- Suitable for instant online payment and retrospective payments, using a link from email.

CBC online and KBC is an online secure payment system exclusively for clients of KBC and CBC Banks.

ING HOME PAY (Belgium and Luxembourg)
ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin, currently offering banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services.
ING currently serves over 48 million customers in over 40 countries.

SOFORT (Belgium, Germany, France and Spain)
The AG is Sofort from Gauting near Munich, offers products and secure shopping and digital goods on the Internet goods services. This includes the method of payment by transfer Sofort, thereby allowing it to be the market leader among the methods of direct transfer in Germany.

CARTE BLEUE (Just France)

Carte Bleue is a large system of payment debit card to operate in France. Unlike Visa Electron or Maestro debit cards, Carte Bleue allows transactions without the need for authorization from the cardholder's bank  In many situations, the card works like a credit card but no fees for its holder. The system has been integrated into a wider scheme called CB or carte bancaire.